Professional Training for European Aviation Regulations Instructors + Additional Material for future trainings (CD)

  • Level:
  • Objectives:

    For all individuals interested in becoming instructors or better instructors:
    – Use instructional tools and techniques to enhance instruction.
    – Acquire practical presentation and communication skills.
    – Motivate participants and engage their active participation during training.
    – Integrate group work and collaborative learning.
    To know regulation environment EASA relating to the qualification of the personnel maintenance. To apprehend the Part-66 regulation and to know its details of implementation.
    To know EASA European regulation as regards aircraft or components maintenance for large aircraft or commercial air transport.To know the concepts of the engineering and the maintenance of an aircraft and aircraft component in a company Part-M and the links with a Part-145 maintenance organization.

  • Certification:

    Participants who successfully complete the course will receive a certificate of attendance

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